Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sourdough Panini

If it weren’t for the stream of people queuing up to order their caffeine of choice and perhaps a sandwich and tart to go with it, Sourdough would be one of those blink-and-you-miss-it cafes. The shopfront counter is only wide enough to let two people stand side-by-side, and it is situated at the front of an unprepossessing office block on York St., just down from the Queen Victoria Building.

There is limited seating available inside the lobby area, with a fourteen stools partnering similarly sized tables, and a few stools at the bench behind the coffee making area. Although it’s not a café designed for long term comfort, customers seem happy to sit there for a while, and on each of my visits, I’ve noticed people with laptops and coffee, working.

With a blackboard proclaiming “our bread is certified organic sourdough” (the bread is Sonoma, the coffee Campos), the menu consists of six breakfast items and seven Panini, plus the day's "special", whose identity is revealed courtesy of a small piece of cardboard perched against the cash register. There is also a small selection of cakes and tarts at the counter.

First up is the “The Real Reuben” - Shaved corned beef, provolone cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing.

At $8.50, this is value for money, especially in the CBD. Encased in crunchy fresh sourdough, each half of this sandwich was the length of my hand, its contents generous. There are three layers of slightly warmed corned beef, a decent serving of sauerkraut, and some slices of Provolone. The sauerkraut and dressing combination are not too tart, and authenticity of using this type of bread and lack of pickle aside (I believe that some people have ordered the Reuben here and had it come on rye bread, so perhaps they had run out of rye when I vitsited), this is a flavoursome and filling sandwich that I am quite happy to order again.

The special being promoted on each of my visits (it seems to be a frequent “special”) was the meatball sandwich ($8.50). In a similarly sized panini, it was served with a Napolitana sauce which had a slight chilli kick on the first occasion I had it but not on my second visit (I prefer the chilli version) and Provolone (though the signage says Parmesan). The meatballs were juicy, tender, the Panini and its filling slightly warmed. What’s the point of a meatball roll with cold meatballs, after all?

Having made four visits there (both as takeaway and eat-in) and eaten two of their sandwiches, I'm quite happy to go back and try some more of their sandwiches. It is a rather small place but there is no pressure at to leave so that tables can be turned over, the service is friendly, and there appear to be a lot of regulars. 

Sourdough Panini Bakery
60 York St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph : (02) 9299 2380


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initialjh said...

where is the obligatory wrist shot/watch shot with food?!?

felix said...

Love the reuben from here. Wife never fishes hers so I always get extra!

The Sydney Tarts said...

@5pandas - except you aren't allowed to eat these...
@initialjh - umm I forgot.
@felix - it's pretty big, but I have a 'healthy appetite', heh.