Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A.B.P. Paris


For many a hardcore WIS or watchnerd, straps are an important part of watch ownership, with strap purchases and changes according to mood/ weather/ purpose/ colour/ material matching being a regular part of one's horological existence.  If you're a Paneristi, strapmania can reach epic proportions, with special strap cases holding up to two dozen of them, vintage straps that go for four figure amounts, and adoration of particular strapmakers and type of exotic straps.

Recently, a newcomer to the Sydney Paneristi and Sydney Tarts horological fold arrived one night with three straps to share. Not just any old straps, but from the renowned strapmakers ABP (Atelier du Bracelet Parisien).

Our new friend asked us to guess what these straps were made from. Between the half a dozen of us there at the time, we couldn't manage to guess any of them correctly. I suppose that this could be interpreted in a variety of ways :

1. We really don't know our leather
2. None of us are seriously hardcore strap nuts
3. Something else altogether

What do you think this one with the interesting texture is?

 Cow paunch!

This next one may be red, but the colour is misleading.... it is a strap made from frog.

This final one is the strap that I liked the most in terms of its texture and aesthetics. Despite trying hard, I could not identify it, though one person got nearish (right beast, no specifics on the beast's body part)...... turned out to be Ostrich leg.

Seeing how much I admired this final strap, my new Paneristi buddy unexpectedly and generously offered to let me borrow it for a few weeks to use on my PAM48!

Clearly, I am not much of a Paneristi or strapaholic, as I don't own a strap changing tool, and had to call upon P to assist me.....

Almost there!

One final twist before he can attack his apple crumble tart.....


Seeing my PAM48 on this strap induced unexpected strap lust, as it is a beautiful strap indeed.

Here is a photo of it with its usual strap -

This is the OEM strap which it came with -

A new strap is cheaper than buying a new watch but hey - call me boring if you like, but I'm just going to stick with the black strap with white stitching for the immediate future, and save the funds for a new watch rather than a new strap.....


21 Feb 2011 - An interview of A.B.P's Yann Perrin by AP here.


Anonymous said...

Though doubts are cast upon the motives of those who are strapaholics, and I was dismissive at first, there is now no doubt in my mind that a different strap can totally change the look of a watch and how you feel when you wear it.
It's certainly a much cheaper way to go than purchasing a new watch.
I say this with the proviso that the strap must work aesthetically with the watch. Just changing to any old strap you happen to have will not do it; it may just make the very nice watch look unattractive.
Properly chosen, and with a clear eye on the aesthetics, different straps can give you several different watches in one!

Meehna Goldsmith said...

Really fun post about straps. I couldn't guess any of the beasts that gave their hides in the name of horology either.