Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Gigantis

Are Kudoe, Schli & Matz the MB&F of luxury watchwinders?

K, S & M are - Bernd Kussmaul and Uwe Matzner with a history in an engineering business that counts Aston-Martin or Bugatti amongst its customers, and Markus Döttling and Andreas K. Schlittenhardt, who co-manage the well-known Döttling, makers of luxury watch winders and safes.

Meet their new creation, the in-your-face-over-the-top-not-just-a-watchwinder 1.80m x 2.10m Gigantis.

The watch-winders are controlled and programmed via a touch screen. A push of a button opens two side wings open to reveal 60 individually programmable and illuminated watch-winders, a humidor, and an illuminated bar. Oh, and of course there's the two smartphone enabled television/ DVD screens.

Naturally, the Gigantis can be customised to your choice of material and colour. The price for this extravagance? It starts at a mere 95,300 Euros (US $123,000).

That’s a lot of watches. Or other things, really.

Oh and the name and ‘fireplace’? A whimsical cultural nod to Gigantis the fire monster, perhaps...?


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