Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ramen Gumshara
Eating World
Harbour Plaza
Dixon Court
25-29 Dixon St
NSW 2000

Closed : Mondays

22 July 2009

I love "Chronic" Ramen .

I am a Gumshara Tonkotsu Ramen junkie. It was twice a week in the beginning but nowadays it seems to be just once a week. The soup is very porky and dense and not for the faint of heart, but you can ask the Tonkotsu master to make your broth less salty etc. If I am in the vicinity of Haymarket during lunchtime I always seem to end up at Gumshara.

As I previously blogged, it takes seven days to make the stock, which consists of only three ingredients – bones, water, and soy. They use a truly astonishing 120kg of pork bones every day. The denseness of the soup fluctuates a little; at its most intense it is almost like gravy.

Today was the day of my weekly fix.

There are only so many photos one can take of the same thing, and I’d been dying to see the tonkotsu soup pot which the Gumshara Tonkotsu ramen master is constantly stirring behind the curtains so I asked him if I could one day take some photos of him at work in the kitchen. He kindly assented and said that I could go in any time.



Boxes of pork.

More pork.

Packets of ramen.

Bench with the various condiments and additions and the area in which each bowl of ramen is put together.

Baskets of ramen being cooked.

The famous Tonkotsu soup. Full of pork & collagen goodness.

Ramen master Hiro's assistant.

And finally, Gumshara Tonkotsu master Mori..

An unexpected surprise was meeting Helen of Grab Your Fork there.


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Simon Leong said...

well done in getting the photos in the kitchen. very cool. i think i'll have to ask for my broth to be less salty and thick next time i try. i can't handle the super thick gravy version. i bow to your amazing appetite.

The Sydney Tarts said...

It took me a little while to get used to it and as for my appetite, I'm beginning to think it's a curse LOL.

OohLookBel said...

I always think of the intense collagen fix when eating this tonkatsu, ie. beautiful complexion. Try not to think of hardening arteries...

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Great pics and ha, fancy bumping into you there - I admit I was actually expecting to bump into someone getting their ramen fix.

Was so lovely of them to let us into the kitchen. Thank you so much for asking :) And my you're quick, my post will be up soon but not this soon! lol

The Sydney Tarts said...

Belle - I also try to think of the collagen and not my arteries :D

Helen - Yes it was kind of him to allow us in there, esp during peak hour and with so little space! If you go at noon then you'll prob bump into Dan Hong...hahaha