Wednesday, July 1, 2009

When a certain Tart is in love, the object of his affections has no choice but to be drawn into his horological obsession, and so it proved one warm Sydney Winter’s day when he crossed paths with first one and then another, Tart, all in the name of watches.

He has given me permission to put his photos (taken with a Nokia N71 in bad lighting conditions so pardon the bad quality).

Having cycled in, the man sometimes known as the Cheesemaster first met with one Tart at the Lindt Cafe on Martin Place for a drink,

after which the latter returned to work, and I met him outside a certain AD. We had been unsure as to whether we’d be welcome, given that he was in cycling gear and, with no lock, the racing cycle would have to be taken into the shop. To our surprise, he was allowed in. Surprise on a whole lot of levels but that’s a story for another day.

The lady in question has taken a fancy to the Girard-Perregaux Cat's Eye Bi-Retro in WG as a dress watch, but at this first AD, they only had the Cat’s eye Bi-Retro Zodiac Calendar.

We weren’t hyper enthused by this version of the Cat’s Eye, both of us because of the skeletonised hands making legibility a minor issue (with so much else going on the mother of pearl dial) and in my case, additionally because of the Zodiac, which I found a bit well, silly, although there seems to be some sort of a market for such things, as there is for another Girard-Perregaux women’s watch which focuses on shopping, so women can figure out whether the shops are open on Rodeo Drive yet.

Onward we went to another AD and Girard-Perregaux stockist, where they had a different, and to our mind better Cat’s Eye, the Reference. 80480.

The hands are luminous on this, and it is a happily cheaper as well LOL. The Tart’s girlfriend is interested in pink straps, so he sent her this photo as well :

The Cat’s Eye desire on her part is a long term one, but she is in need of a quality day time work watch, and the front runner at this point is the JLC Duetto Duo :

Will she get either or both of these watches, who can say.....?

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