Sunday, July 19, 2009

(aka “Ryo’s Noodles is closed”)

Not Bread Alone
Shop 2
376 Pacific Highway
(Cnr of Hume St)
Crows Nest NSW 2065
Ph: (02) 9966 9788

The Counter Custom Built Burgers
118 Willoughby Road
Crows Nest NSW 2065
Ph : (02) 9436 2700

17 July 2009

We were meant to be having lunch at Ryo's, @antiquebookshop and I, only it didn’t turn out that way, as Ryo’s is closed until sometime next week (I think it was 22 July). It already being quite late in the lunch hour (2.15pm), and Antique Bookshop being more pressed for time than he had anticipated, we headed off down the road to Not Bread Alone instead.

Having ordered, it was naturally time for we Tarts to get some tableshots of whatever happened to be on our wrists that day.

Left - Daniel JeanRichard Bressel chronograph
Right – Panerai PAM 250 “Daylight”

The DJR Bressel has a Dubois-Depraz 2020 module riveted onto a refinished ETA 2824-2 movement. As this blog is a food & watch blog, for those who don’t know and who wish to, a “télémètre” scale measures the distance between (in this case a watch wearer) based on the speed of sound. That is, the distance between a wearer and an object that generates a visible signal and a loud noise such as an electrical storm. I’ve never actually used it and to be honest am not entirely sure how to...

The PAM250 “Daylight” is named after the Sylvester Stallone film of the same name. Stallone purchased his first Panerai in Rome whilst filming “Daylight”, and there are some good screenshots of him wearing the watch here, as well as other “Panerai moments” in the movies. He liked the Panerai that he purchased so much that he had the company make 200 more of them (“Slytech”) with his signature on the back, which he handed out as gifts.

Having a watch named after a Stallone film is either a plus or a minus, depending on your own personal preferences, but the watch itself has to a large extent transcended its naming origins. Stallone has joked about Panerais being “perfect for people over 45 years old”, because of the ease of reading the time on large watches.

The brand of “Daniel Jeanrichard”, now simply JeanRichard, is named after the man considered as the father of the Jura watchmakers. It is believed that the then fifteen year old Daniel, a blacksmith’s apprentice, was given the opportunity to see his very first watch. It was a broken timepiece brought back from England by a horse dealer. Daniel studied and mended it, then made a copy. One year later, he created his very own watch, the first ever manufactured in the region.

PAM250 Wearing Person chose the Not Bread Alone Club Sandwich ($10.50).

which consisted of “chicken, avocado, bacon, mixed leaf [sic], cucumber, Spanish onion on Turkish”, whilst DJR Wearing Person chose the Salt & Pepper Squid with mixed leaf salad and lemon aioli ($17.90 for main size).

The club sandwich was suitably satisfactory to its eater, but the Salt & Pepper Squid was actually a bit on the salty side, even for S&P squid. This saltiness lead to a somewhat regrettable decision.

The decision was that I really needed something sweet.

Perhaps the Apple Pie milkshake that I’d seen on NotQuiteNigella would be the perfect neutraliser?

Why just have a milkshake, I thought? I should have something else, given that I was there, after all.....

Mini Cheeseburgers ($11) – Plate of four topped with Cheddar, Red Onions, Pickles and Red relish.


Total mistake.

Couldn’t finish Apple Pie shake, which was like trying to drink (or rather spoon) crushed up apple pie, ice cream and perhaps a token ml or two of milk.

Couldn’t finish the miniburgers, which I had actually assumed were going to be small two-bite sized ones.
Dinner that night = nothing.

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