Sunday, July 26, 2009

New York Restaurant

New York Restaurant
18 Kellett St
Kings Cross
Sydney NSW 2011
Phone (02) 9357 2772

Open : 11:30-2:30pm and 4-8pm
Closed Sundays

I used to think of myself as a periodic-regular at the New York, whether with others or, if I was passing by, solo, but I hadn't been there for a while, so it was clearly time for a visit.

This old Kings Cross stalwart is in a time warp and league of its own. Its history was documented in 2007 by Therese Sweeney in a council grant sponsored exhibition at the Kings Cross Library called Conversations at the Diner. I actually attended its launch and then, as seemed to be appropriate, went to the New York for dinner afterwards, though it felt kind of peculiar to go there for dinner rather than lunch.

I can't remember how I happened across the New York but I do know that it fulfils a role in the area and that it always makes me happy when I visit. The clientele are a cross section of the area, and I believe that the day time customers are different to the night time ones; a lot of cabbies at night for example.

When I went about once a month, I'd see some familiar faces, including the famous Animal of the Kings Cross Bikers, but I haven't seen him for a while. There are some who go there alone, and who talk to other regulars across the room. I have seen couples and families there, but generally it's people eating by themselves, and usually people who do not need a menu, as they are creatures of habit. They are flexible there, you can ask for numerous adjustments to the menu listings, or even create a mixture for yourself within reason.

One of their endearing things is the slices of white or wholemeal bread you get.

People I've taken there have tried some things which I have to confess I wouldn't eat, like the lamb roast with the Deb potatoes, or the chicken in white sauce. I stick to the Rump Steak with Salad and Chips ($8.50).

Or the Vienna Schnitzel (3 pieces) with Salad & Chips ($9).

It may not be the most glamorous place in town, nor even have the best food, but their chips beat many others I've had for many times the price, they do their Rump Steak nicely and the Schnitzel isn't half bad either.

Besides which, where else can you get a large lemon cordial for $1.40 and see a section called "Cold Collation"?


Simon Food Favourites said...

awesome. love cheap and cheerful places the the chips look yummo. nice one.

Kings Cross Bikers said...

And now it is gone. Another landmark of the Cross which is no longer