Saturday, July 18, 2009

Glenmore Hotel
96 Cumberland St
The Rocks
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph : (02) 9247 4794

The Glenmore isn’t one of my favourite places in Sydney. In fact it doesn’t even rank as a place I’d choose to go to of my own volition, but the view from the rooftop is undeniably one of the best pub views in Sydney. Plaintive pleas of “well it might rain, perhaps we should pick another location?” had fallen on the proverbial, and so off I went on this overcast day down to The Rocks.

Meeting at noon, everyone else seemed content to drink and chat, but not eat. I started getting restless and inevitably, was the first to go and order. One’s order is identified by one’s “Pole Number”, in our case, 30. Said “pole” is attached to the umbrella and the table.

I went for the Steak Sandwich, listed as $16.50 but in reality $17 because of the Sunday surcharge.

Described as “Char grilled Sirloin with onion, beetroot, rocket, tomato, aged Cheddar & BBQ sauce on toasted sourdough bread with crinkle cut fries”, it was relatively decent pub fare, though they were a tad stingy on the chips.

Other items ordered :

Salt & Pepper Squid ($15.50)

which did not rate highly in either the taste or quantity stakes.

Roast of the day (Pork) with vegetables

which disappointed the three people who ordered this dish because of the lack of crackling and the texture of the skin.

Fish and Chips ($15.50)

Bangers & Mash ($15.50)

Grilled country style lamb & Rosemary sausages, potato mash, homemade mushy peas and onion gravy” and which for some reason didn’t incur a Sunday surcharge and which was probably the most successful of all the items ordered.

For some reason no-one seemed satisfied stomach wise with their food and fuelled by alcohol and increasingly ridiculous conversation.....

......there were then “rounds” of Sunday surchargeless chips ordered to accompany each new bottle of the time I left we were onto round 4 of the chips (and asking for gravy instead of tomato sauce). Here are rounds 1 and 2 –


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