Sunday, July 26, 2009

Top Gear Watch Spotting

Although many of the Sydney Tarts love Top Gear and do notice the watches, Tart ENT has been watching Season 13 of Top Gear with a view to identifying each of the watches that are appearing on the wrists of James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, and taking some screenshots of them.

Watches identified to date in Season 13 are:

1. Jeremy Clarkson: Omega Planet Ocean, Omega Railmaster XXL
2. James May: Rado, vintage Rado, Omega Railmaster XXL
3. Richard Hammond: Rolex Sub date, JLC Squadra, Breitling chrono of some sort...

In doing some research on this, it seems that there is some interest in what watches the three of them wear. In fact whilst doing this interview, James May says that he is wearing an IWC Portuguese, and mentions Rados, an Omega Seamaster, two JLCs (Reverso, Memovox), a Baume & Mercier, and an Oris. As well as his first watch, a Timex.

The Portuguese has been identified on watch fora as Reference IW371417.

In this piece, James May writes about his horological interests and of how he doubts he'll ever buy the Omega Railmaster XXL , a hefty 49mm piece.

As is the case with so many of us, it seems that the lust overcame him :

Jeremy Clarkson's ridiculing of James May's watch fetish also seems to done a backflip, as he has also been seen wearing the Omega Railmaster XXL (his own or his erstwhile colleague's?) :

As well as a UBoat Classico Chrono :

The screenshots :

1. Richard Hammond : Rolex Sub Date Ref. 16610

Another shot of the same watch :

3. Richard Hammond : JLC Squadra

4. James May : Think this is a vintage Rado. Not sure.

5. James May : IWC Portuguese Chrono

And here are some further screenshots from older episodes.

Richard Hammond : Tag Heuer Grand Carrera

Jeremy Clarkson : Bremont ALT1-C

Richard Hammond has also been seen in past episodes wearing a Breitling Chronomat. In this Q&A from 2008, he mentions that he was wearing his Tag Heuer Monaco during the 2006 crash and that he still wears it.

Apparently Jeremy Clarkson also wore a orange Bell & Ross in the US special but I can't seem to find a photo of it.

If you have any TG wristshots to share, please do, and if you want to read all our other Top Gear watch spotting posts, just select the 'Top Gear' tag link below.