Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big Rig Diner - an Apollo 11 40th Annivesary Lunar GTG

Big Rig Diner
231 Oxford St
Sydney NSW 2010
Tel: +61 (02) 9326 0044

Open Tuesday to Saturday : 6pm until late

23 July 2009

Omega Speedmaster 50th Anniversary Book

With a large number of the Sydney Tarts owners of Omega Speedmasters of various models and vintages, and with some lunar buffs as well, it seemed only natural that we organise a GTG to commemorate the 40th annivesary of Apollo 11's lunar landing.

After bit of to-ing and fro-ing, and with the assistance of the reviews by Not Quite Nigella and Simon Food Favourites, we got into contact with them about the possibility of a booking for 15. Phil, the owner was very helpful, but told us that in order to ensure that we had seating, we should arrive at 6pm.

It was only when we found ourselves there that we realised why. The Big Rig Diner is not a large establishment, and had some of our group not had to drop out for flu and other related reasons, we could have easily taken up all the booths.

Menu and the Snoopy Speedmaster Snoopy Limited Edition.

The Apollo 10 lunar module was called "Snoopy" and the popular Beagle was chosen as an emblem for NASA's most prestigious award. The "Silver Snoopy" is still awarded today, both to individuals and companies, for outstanding effort that contributes to the success of human space missions. The award comprises of a sterling silver pin in the form of Snoopy wearing a space helmet and space suit. Omega received its Snoopy Award on 5 October 1970 in recognition of the crucial role that its Speedmaster Chronograph played on the Apollo 13 mission.

The Speedmaster Professional "Eyes on the Stars" was released in 2003 in recognition of Omega having received the Snoopy Award and limited to 5441 pieces, this number reflecting the elapsed time of the Apollo 13 mission: 142 hours, 54 minutes and 41 seconds. The Snoopy Award design is etched and painted on the sapphire crystal case back.

Set of Omega Speedmaster 50th Anniversary pins

Apollo XI
Apollo XIII
Apollo / Soyuz
Countdown To Mars
Solarimpulse Project
True North Pole Expedition
Unchanged since 1957
50th Anniversary logo

Getting ready for the table shots

L to R : I can barely remember... let's see now... there's no way I'd know the reference numbers so I'll just refer to them by their calibers... oh what the hey... from left: Speedmaster Cal. 1861, the most modern Speedy, Speedmaster Cal 321, from late 60s, another Speedmaster Cal 321, again from the late 60s, the Snoopy Speedy, Cal 1861, and the Speedmaster Broad Arrow, Automatic movement, Cal. 3303

L to R : Some sort of Casio, Speedy 321, 1861, Snoopy 1861, another 321, Broad Arrow, Rolex GMT Master II with pepsi bezel (at least I think it is... can't remember...) Omega Flightmaster CAl 910, Omega Marine Chronometer (The most accurate quartz movement of its time).

Speedmaster Cal. 321 and Omega Flightmaster

Chilli Chips ($5.50) & Regular Chips ($4)

Beef Burger $13.50 (did not come with any chips)

Pie with mash, peas and gravy ($13.50)

Prawn Fajitas ($18)

Beef Fajitas ($16)

Platter reminiscent of 1970s Australian Chinese restaurants! Tortillas in the background.

Guacamole, sour cream, cheese, salsa (of sorts), lettuce - for fajitas.

Beef fajita ready to eat...

Cherry Pie

Pecan Pie

Good night and goodbye from the Head Tart....

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