Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Double Bagel

I haven’t much experience with bagels before last weekend. The most contact I’ve had was with the blueberry bagel from Gloria Jeans which I eat toasted with butter, usually with some sort of latte. I’ve never really understood bagels. I’ve always thought of them as the lesser sexy sister of donuts.

This past weekend, however, all of a sudden we felt like going to the bagel place in Macquarie Centre called “The Great Bagel & Coffee Co”. Not sure why the sudden urge for bagels, since previous visits only consisted of us consuming their very yummy and very curly… erm… curly fries.

Not being quite sure of what to order we each picked from the gourmet bagel board. The pictures did help, of course, and like a certain fast food chain, the depicted bagels all looked impossibly large. I had my doubts and prepared myself for a pre-shrunk version of the images. We of course ordered curly fries to go with our bagels, and were disappointed that they did not offer a meal deal.

The Chicken and Pesto Bagel

The Egg mayo and bacon bagel

I opted for the egg mayo and chicken while A ordered the chicken and pesto. To my surprise the pictures don’t lie (just like hips…).


My Watch companion for the 1st visit was a Seiko Diver watch of some sort. This is one of those rare cheap Seikos that is actually made in Japan. Powered by a Seiko 5 automatic movement, and it has a map reading wheelie thingy that you can roll across maps that are 1:50,000 scale and it'll tell you exactly how many km it is in real life. Or something like that. I don't really know that much about this watch apart from the fact that it's huge and chunky, it's really cool and I got it at a good price, and it's a cool watch!

These bagels were big, chewy and tasty and extremely filling (not sure how much of the filling was down to the fries and the coke). The combinations of the flavours were very well put together. I just don’t understand why they bother giving you a steak knife… and I still don’t get the hole in the bagel. It’s more of a nuisance really as some of the key ingredient chose this very opening as a means of escape and making a mess of my hands. But that didn’t stop me from gobbling down my bagel. And according to the wall (they have a faux-newspaper wallpaper – all bagel related stories) the meal I just had was very healthy and I could lose weight from eating bagels. (Nothing was mentioned regarding the fries or the coke). I could give the subway man a run for his money… (Whatever’s happened to the Subway man anyways??)

Definitely an enjoyable experience, which we were to repeat the next day. Yes. We went back the next day, where A ordered the exact same bagel again and I tried the Thai beef, which was again, completely and utterly delicious. Needless to say we'll be going back again...

- [Onomatopia]

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Anonymous said...

Call me a bagel purist but Thai beef?!? I find bacon in bagels weird enough but Thai beef is just tres weird!