Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Burlington

6 Burlington St
Crows Nest NSW 2065
Ph : (02) 9439 7888

Monday to Friday for lunch from 12.00pm
Monday to Saturday for dinner from 6.00pm

For the dual reasons of proximity (time constraints) and for-some-unknown-reason-I've-not-made-it-there, we found ourselves finally at The Burlington.  I have absolutely no excuse for not having made it there until this late point. It also took me eons to get to Balzac, but my excuse there was that Randwick just seemed far away.

As is my wont, I'd been obsessing over the menu and wondering how many dishes I could persuade Himself to agree to sharing but when the time came, the dishes on the $35 three course lunch special (no choices) appealed to us.

Croquettes of King Salmon w Garlic Aioli

I am never sure whether I prefer the filling of my salmon croquettes to be smooth or still with some flaky texture. These were of the former variety, with the exterior beautifully thin and crunchy. I am a bit of a lemon fan so my personal preference was for lemon over the aioli to accompany the croquettes.  The aioli was mild, and I suspect that my lemon preference was partly because I wanted a bit of a kick to the delicacy of the salmon filling. 

Sweet Corn & Lemon Thyme Risotto with Sauteed Prawn Tails

Oh this was good....risotto as comfort food that made us both very happy indeed.  Soothing, creamy but light, the prawn sweet and firm, the lemon thyme a hint in the background. I could have eaten a double serve of this quite happily out of sheer desire for more.

Eton Mess

Eton mess, as its name indicates, is a dessert originating from Eton College.  Historically served at the College's annual prize giving picnic on "the Fourth of June" which is apparently actually the last Wednesday in May, it is traditionally made with strawberries or bananas and cream, with meringue being a relatively modern addition.  

This example, as can be seen, contained meringue, some raspberries and a nice bit of crunchy toffee. Summery, and somehow making perfect sense as a dessert to follow the risotto.  He, convinced that 3 courses would be too much for him, had initially asked me to help him eat his dessert.

Needless to say, my assistance as not required.

A final photo of an unexpected thing which though perhaps unimportant and small in the greater scheme of things, was nonetheless a pleasant surprise.

There are a lot of very good value lunch deals around town at the moment and I would definitely rate The Burlington's as one that is worth trying.



Simon Food Favourites said...

sounds like excellent value considering the SIFF Let's Do Lunch is $35 for a main and glass of wine and coffee. I've rather have 3 courses for $35 to sample. I beat they locked up the L'Occitane :-)

The Sydney Tarts said...

I had exactly the same thought and have mentioned it to ppl - SIFF deals not necessarily better than regular deals!

Perhaps I should have shut up about the L'Occitane... :-O :)