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Finding myself in Newtown one recent weekday around lunchtime, I remembered reading @GastroPorn tweeting about one of her favourite burgers at Burgerfuel. Well, I figured, why not?

Despite it not being on the regular menu, the Wagyu Burger seems to be permanently on the "Specials" menu, which makes me wonder why they don't simply add it to the former.

Maybe they think that would make it less "special"? Maybe they want to save on printing costs and don't want to print out new menus? Maybe because one day, it will be replaced as a "special"?  Maybe it is still going through a probationary period?

Then again, maybe I am the only one pondering this conundrum?

What ho! Burgerfuel have figured it out - 12 permanent combinations!

Wagyu Burger with Cheese ($12.90)

Described thus : "1/3lb ground Wagyu beef, melted swiss cheese, caramelised onion, horseradish sour cream, salad and relish", the one element I'd not been certain about was the horseradish sour cream, as I am not a huge horseradish fan.  Fortunately, the horseradish was not overwhelming but pleasant though it was, I'm more of a tomato sauce burger type of person.

Aided by generous servings of lettuce (though I'd wish that they'd been a little bit more interesting on the lettuce choice front), tomato and onions, the beef patty was juicy, the cheese decent and the burger itself of a good size, resulting in some degree of onions and the like oozing out during the consumption process, but not too much as to be messy and a struggle. 

This isn't the best burger I've had in Sydney, but the Wagyu Burger at Burgerfuel is nonetheless a good burger that I'd eat again, and it is worth having if you're in the area. It is without doubt a better burger than the one I have previous had at a cafe nearby to Burgerfuel whose name I'll not mention but it is on the other side of the road, down a bit, before the cinema. That burger was just dire.    

I've never thought of Angus beef as being an aspirational beef.


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Simon Food Favourites said...

looks like a feast. i wonder how it compares to the Plan B wagyu burger i keep hearing about?