Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ouzo's Bar & Grill

Ouzo's Bar and Grill
22 Castle St.
Co. Dublin
Ph : +353 1 285 1890

This was one of those happy accidents - I'd stumbled into town and was, at the last minute, looking for somewhere to get in, let alone eat. It was late, and these guys were able to accommodate me with a table.

Being rather hungry I opted for the crab claws followed by a standard sirloin steak - all I can say is this restaurant is about as good as one could hope for - the food was top notch and the value for money outstanding.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo for the entree. The Panfried Crab Claws (€9.95) were fresh crab claws pan fried in citrus butter and served with fresh mixed leaves.

Fresh Lobster from our tank €7 per 100g

However, I have also tried their lobster, which can be ordered boiled or char grilled, both versions served with citrus butter.

Both the lobster and crab are from the restaurant's own boat.

10 oz (280g) Sirloin (€23.95) with Ouzo's Crisp Fried Onions (€2.95)

Ouzo's Irish Beef is sourced from grass fed animals that are under 30 months of age. They hang and dry age the meat for up to three weeks, after which it is cryo packed and wet aged for a further two weeks. 

The steaks are all hand cut in-house and cooked simply by grilling and served 'au jus'. As well as the fried onions, other sides include beans, various forms of potato (steamed, Dauphinoise, fries, mash) and baby carrots. 

Vanilla Crème Brûlée (€5.95)

A well executed Brûlée, served with Ouzo's chocolate chip and pecan cookies, an unexpected but nice touch.

Last but not least, lobsters awaiting their diners.

I returned to Ouzo's many times, and had the crab claws on basically all of these visits. 

Highly recommended.



Anonymous said...

Interesting and great looking food. But I was expecting to see Greek food. Why are they called Ouzo's?


Anonymous said...

Hi RJW ;-)
I asked the guys at 'Ouzo's' - this their reply:
When we first opened in Baggot Street in 1998 the Restaurant was called 'Mocha Monday'. Over time the menu became more Mediterranean and wanted a name to reflect our menu. I got the name 'Ouzos' into my head and that was that. A couple of years later we bought the fishing boat (where our seafood comes from) and became a steak & seafood restaurant. We thought of changing the name but decided to stick with 'Ouzos'.
Kind regards - The Ouzo's team.