Friday, February 25, 2011


Nosh Restaurant
111 Coliemore Rd
Co Dublin
+353 (0)1 284-0666

Another notable restaurant in Dalkey is 'Nosh', though its bright, sun-filled informal interior means that it could easily be taken for a cafe. They have a children's menu as well, adding to the relaxed feel of the place.

The treacle bread (a traditional Irish bread) and the fish and with chunky homemade chips were outright winners.

Beer battered cod, pea puree + tartare sauce (13.50)

Homemade Burger with homemade relish and Nosh chips

Another simple dish executed nicely, though perhaps the plate decoration wasn't entirely necessary.

Chocolate brownie with cookies and vanilla icecream (5.00)

How good does this look? Yes I ate it all.

I visited Nosh numerous times during my time in Dalkey and would recommend it. Its focus is on  simple unpretentious food, and it does this well.


PS : Note that menu prices may vary between lunch and dinner.

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Anonymous said...

I can't decide whether I want to eat that dessert...! AP.