Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cavistons Seafood Restaurant

Cavistons Emporium
58 Glasthule Rd
Co. Dublin
Ph : +3531 2809120

A seafood restaurant run by the same family that operates the food emporium next door, Cavistons has its origins over fifty years ago as a modest fish-shop. Nowadays it is a renowned delicatessen, and sells products spanning the seafood and delicatessen spectrum. This emporium has received great reviews over the years, and came recommended to me by the folks here I was working with.

Michelin recommended and locally acclaimed, there was almost no more room left on the wall and windows for their awards.

Booking a seat was a week advance for the Saturday night, and even then that was a booking for the early evening sitting only.

My starter was 'Local crab claws' - absolutely delicious, the crab fresh, fragrant and tender.

The main course was Monkfish fillet, O'Dohertey's Black Bacon Chickpea Cream. All mains come with a mixed leaf salad and boiled baby potatoes.

Something felt out of place. The meal was really hot, baking hot in fact. Regardless, its texture and taste was good, but there was something different. At the end of the meal I asked them whether my fish freshly cooked and served.

I was told that the Monkfish had been pan fired the oven baked 180C for twenty minutes.

I knew it! I could just tell. I went onto explain that in Australia, I'm used to the monkfish just being only pan fired or barbequed.

The waitress went on to explain that this was how they cooked this dish, and was quick to mention that everyone that comes to eat at Cavistons loves the fish (I hadn't really asked that question) but maybe she thought I was being smart or worse - a food critic ;-)

Just after this chat - the waitress seemed nervous and the kitchen staff came through the restaurant, out the front door and I guess back around to the kitchen ;-) ........hmm, did they recognise me as a Sydney Tart?

I have since left Ireland, but when I return there in 2011 I will definitely visit Cavistons to try more of their classic dishes.


3 comments: said...

Very good.

joey@FoodiePop said...

I absolutely love crab claws! Yum!

Anonymous said...

The crab looks great. The monkfish - funny. [AP]