Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gaziano & Girling Summer 2010

Tokyo Trunk Show
The venue...

I wonder where she's going... 

A room with a view

Haven't I seen you somewhere before... 



I've always lusted over these on G&G's bespoke gallery.

They are amazing up close and personal.  The engraving is out of this world.

There's just something about this.

Some inter-species porn...

I can't decide if I like G&G's version or Delos' version better. 

Maybe I'll have to get both.

Oh my Lord!

The attentive Mr Gaziano.

Work in progress TEASER.  The seamless single stitch whole cut. 

Thank you to Tony for your wonderful hospitality.  Missed Dean as he was busy at Tomorrowland.


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Anonymous said...

Gaz - more shoes? LOL. [AP]