Friday, October 15, 2010

Vendôme Woollahra


Built in 1702 as a monument to the armies of Louis XIV, Place Vendôme is not only one of Paris' most beautiful and iconic places, its name synonymous with luxury, it was also the home of Frédéric Chopin (no.12), Coco Chanel (no.15) and Franz Mesmer (no.16).

For those of a horological bent, Breguet (no.6), Jaeger-LeCoultre (no.7), Patek Philippe (no.10), Hublot (no.11), Chaumet (no.12), Piaget (no.16) Blancpain (no.20), Dubail (no.21), Van Cleef & Arpels (no.22), Cartier (no.23) and Boucheron (no.26) should occupy you for a little while, and this is just a sample of the watch boutiques in the area.

So, what's the relevance to Sydney?  Well it lies in the heart of the suburb of Woollahra, 5kms east of the CBD, down an unassuming street.....

...on the corner of Jersey Road and Moncur St.

This corner shop is soon to be the home of Luxury Goods Australia's boutique Vendôme Woollahra.

More details can be found at their website, but timepiece-wise, they will be carrying Boucheron, DeWitt, Franc Vila, Hautlence, Maîtres du Temps, Romain Jerome and the horologically inspired Roland Iten, brands not currently represented in Australia.

Both their website and a mention in the Sydney Morning Herald in September indicated an October opening date, but construction work is still visible, so we await its opening with great interest and anticipation!


Anonymous said...

I know that building well ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great post and I look forward to seeing some watch brands never before represented in Sydney.
And also eventually the opening of the store in Woollahra.
JLC and Fred also have boutiques at Place Vendome.

Felix said...

Very Cool.

Hopefully we get a chance to see some of these amazing watches down in Melbourne at some point.

Initialjh said...

look forward to this opening. I'm definitely intrigued - this is something. Has the Sydney market mature to appreciate these timepieces? "Time" will tell :)

Sam said...

Sounds amazing and definitely intriguing. I for one would LOVE to see with mine own eyes some of these amazing timepieces. and THAT belt!!!

very much looking forward to it

Felix said...

@Sam - Yes i've been very curious about that belt too.

The Sydney Tarts said...

@jpvfx1 - We won't ask :)

@T - Thx for the additions of Fred & JLC. Yes it will be interesting for all of us to see hitherto unseen brands in Australia.

@Felix - Maybe they'll open a second boutique in Melbourne?

@initialjh - Yes it will be interesting to see how the local market responds to some of these brands. Perhaps this is a sign that the Au market *is* mature enough?

@Sam & @Felix - The belt and the shoe dangles.

Vendome Woollahra said...

Pleased to report we are now open, so looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Vendome Woollahra