Sunday, September 19, 2010

iima at Mr B's Hotel

Mr B's Hotel
396 Pitt St (cnr Goulburn St)
Ph : (02) 8080 7727

I do have a fondness for iima, and go there, now and then, when I am nearby and the mood strikes me.  This was one of those times, when I introduced a friend to iima. 

Unagi ($16)

For his inaugural visit, TM's choice was the Unagi set lunch.

A large plate of unagi, agedashi tofu, sashimi, miso soup, takoyaki balls, TM indicated satisfication regarding both the size and the taste of his selection.  As I did not remember to try any of it, I cannot comment, but suffice to say that he was pleased.

Why didn't I take any Agedashi Tofu?!?


My choice was 'Toshi's Three Way Ocean Trout' ($15) - The three ways being "raw, tempura and ikura", served with seasame sauce, shiso sauce, and mayonnaise.

The ikura, or salmon roe, can be seen sitting astride the large mound.  Although I didn't have any particular visual expection in mind, I did expect something different to what I received, particularly in relation to the sauces.  

Each of the components of this dish were fine, but I found the amount of sauce a bit excessive, and would have preferred, for ease of consumption, for it to not have surounded everything else, as I really only needed very little of it.  When I'd read the menu description, I had thought that the three sauces were to go with the three different Ways of Trout, but the presentation didn't seem to really indicate this. 

Of the two items ordered, the Unagi set meal was definitely the better option.

I decided to order a dessert, the menu for which is rather pancake dominated.  My choice was Pancakes with Pandan Coconut Sauce, dusted with icing sugar and served with ice cream ($8.50). 

This was TM's first experience with pandan, I believe, and what started off with "I'll just taste a mouthful" ended up with him consuming one of the pancakes.  I enjoyed them, but would have preferred the temperature of the pancakes to have been a little warmer.  I suspect that they were just sitting there for a little too long before the ice cream was added and they were taken out, but this was not a big issue.

In terms of overall success, I think that this meal, of those I've had at iima, was personally the least successful because of my choice, but I do intend to return, as I find that the food there of a good consistent quality, well priced, and the service efficient and hospitable. 

It is a higher than normal quality level Thai place in a modernised pub, and the kitchen is open until the wee hours.

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