Monday, September 2, 2013

The Ultimate Watch Nerd's Watch - Urwerk EMC

We've often heard that Jaeger-LeCoultre is the watchmaker's watch. But what about watch nerds? Well, Urwerk has produced what I think is the ultimate watch nerd's watch - The EMC. (At least watch nerds with deep pockets...)

I'm not going to get all technical on this one. There's simply no need. Many websites out there on the interwebs will give you the intricacies and the PR regurgitation, but I'm here to tell you what this watch means to a real watch nerd. I mean, it is the ultimate watch nerd watch, isn't it? Even if it's probably way outside the budget of most watch nerds... But the idea of it is genius. I can just imagine sitting at my table, my fake lab coat on , my freebie loupe on my eye and after cranking up the power for the timing machine (literally) I bend over the watch and turn the screw to adjust the timing, trying to get it to 0 seconds across all positions... It's a nerd fantasy come true, without the need to damage/destroy/paperweight expensive watches/movements. Granted, if you can afford this watch you can probably afford to do the aforementioned...

To literally crank up the timing machine- this is just nerdy to the max. To keep that whole "manual and mechanical operation" ethos. If only the timing itself can be measured mechanically, but I guess that's about as impractical as it is improbable.

Seeing this watch brings back memories of when I first really became interested in mechanical watches- I'd go bug my extremely patient and generous watchmaker to time my new purchases, to put them through the various positions and get readings, then keeping the print outs afterwards like the participation trophies/ribbons from little athletics/swimming carnivals. With this watch it's possible to check the timing accuracy whenever and wherever you feel like. (Although I'd probably suggest not in public unless you want people to think differently of you...)

This is really a part of watch collecting/watch appreciation that is sadly lacking for the most part for pretty much every collector/connoisseur. Yeah, sure you can always just go buy a witchi and a watchmaking bench and might as well do an online watchmaking course while you're at it, but that's really beside the point. Here is a package that is all-in-one. I mean, sure this won't apply to everyone, but I know there are people out there who will wonder just how accurately their watch is keeping time. And not just at the end of the day when you compare your watch's time to the internet atomic clock, but at any given point in the day. Perhaps after playing golf with it. Or when you accidentally dropped it.

So, Urwerk, thank you for bringing us a truly nerdy watch for us watch nerds.

(All images from Urwerk)

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