Monday, April 30, 2012

Top Gear Season 18 Finale

This was a great episode for watch brands to flaunt their wares. Really. Top Gear should really do more of these open top car stories, and have the in-car camera set up directly in front of the watch on the left wrist. The only thing that is perhaps lacking is the camera should be filming in full HD, so that we can see the watches more clearly.

But here's a quick recap:

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean (Seriously if Jeremy is STILL wearing this watch next season I won't be giving that watch any blog time, as much as I like it)

Richard Hammond and his ever classic Breitling Navitimer

The Hamilton "something something" - this was the one watch I could pick from the first episode "Season trailer". I think that it's also partly because Hamiltons aren't really available here down under (there may possibly be one dealer), so it's not something I see everyday (and I don't flip through watch magazines/forums as much as I would like).

Yet another classic Jaeger dashboard instrument...

... which was fitted to one of these jet engined powered 'cars'...

... and a clear shot of a Tag Heuer branded timing instrument…

Now, it should be said that Heuer (before TAG took them over) has always been a pioneer in sports timing. They were the first to crack 100th of a second and the first to crack 1000th of a second. The former was with a mechanical stopwatch and the latter using the latest digital/quartz technology.

They have recently pushed the envelope even further and came out with a mechanically powered watch with an accuracy of 1/2000th. That is just bloody amazing!! Practically and longevity aside, the fact that they made something like that is astounding. You must watch this video.

*Shakes head in disbelieve. Again.*

And finally, we close off the season with yet another question about James May's wrist accessory. As mentioned above, I didn't recognise the Hamilton. And I really can't make out what this watch is below. All's I can tell is that it's got a bright orange strap. Any takers?

Personally I can't wait and hope that James May will show off more watches from his collection next season, and who knows, Jeremy might wear something other than a Planet Ocean! And on that bombshell, good night!



initialjh said...

thank you thank you! another fantastic and light hearted post! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

It looks very much as though James on this photo carries a Tissot T-touch to his wrist