Wednesday, May 2, 2012

China's most popular online brands : how do watches fare?

The Luxury Society and Digital Luxury Group has released their new index of the top 50 ‘most searched’ luxury brands in China. The first instalment of the World Luxury Index, the ranking covers more than 400 brands within six key segments (fashion, beauty, jewellery, cars, watches and hospitality). Indexing based on over 150 million searches from China's most popular search engines, Google and Baidu. 


According to the study, 18 of the top 50 'most searched for' luxury brands in China (36% of total searches), are auto brands, and car related searches make up 54% of total online searches. In contrast, watches only amount to 3% of searches, with the most-searched for watch brand is Longines, followed by Omega and Rolex.

If you want to see some of the other findings of this report, you can view the slideshow here.


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Anonymous said...

wow... longines THEN omega THEN rolex... swatchgroup has done really well in the chinese market in terms of searches. but what exactly does that mean though....