Saturday, April 28, 2012

Would you like to own one of Clark Gable’s watches?

Now what sort of watch do you think Clark Gable wore? 

Well it turns out that he didn’t restrict himself to a single watch, and that he was a man of varied tastes. Two of his watches, both looking lovingly worn, are currently up for auction online. 

First up is Lot 10. This circa 1935 Mathey-Tissot chrono, unexpectedly on a new Patek strap, has case number 84549, measures about 32mm, and is accompanied by documentary evidence of its provenance. The current bid is a $3,146 and you can bid here

Secondly we have Lot 11, Gable’s Rolex Oyster. As can be seen on the dial, it was sold by Brock & Co, and comes with with a provenance direct from Gable’s estate. Circa 1940, it is 14k gold and looks much loved. It comes with two photographs of Gable wearing the watch, including the one at the top of this post. The current bid is $4,189 and you can bid here

There is no mention of the working/ movement condition of the watches, as you can tell from the links, but if you’re interested in them as a bit of horologically inclined cinema memorabilia then you’d better get in quick - the auction ends in two days. 


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