Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pre P-Day 10

It was the week prior to P-Day 10, and some of the overseas guests were visiting Sydney before heading up to Hamilton Island, so we organised a GTG at the Bavarian Bier Cafe. It was nice to match faces to names and, for those of us unable to make it up to Hamilton Island for P-Day, to be able to at least share some of the pre-celebratory atmosphere.

Some of the two dozen of us who were there

Sam, Peter, Tony

Tasting platter - schnitzel, pork belly, sausages, sauerkraut, fried onions

Moules (the frites are there, somewhere)

Nicolas, Sam and Gary (Minnesota)

Bernie and Doreen from Honolulu


Hagen (Germany), Tom (Sydney) and
Giulio (down from the Blue Mtns for his first Risti/ watch GTG)

Gary and his daughter

JLC Perpetual interloper

Who ordered salad at a bier cafe?

Special. 6152/1

One of the great things about P-Day this year was the number of families who attended

Taking a groupshot in a noisy bier cafe whilst standing on a chair and waving at everyone to get their attention was attempted, with err, variable success, but what's a Risti GTG without a groupshot?

Thank you to all our overseas friends for signing the Sydney Paneristi banner (which was subsequently taken to Hamilton Island, of course). It was a huge pleasure to be able to meet you, and we hope to see you again either in Australia or P-Day 11 or maybe in your home towns. For a great  video wrap-up of Hamilton Island by Amanda (Melbourne), click here.

[AP - photos by AP & ChrisL]

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