Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NATO to the rescue

I have a fondness for MeisterSingers, and own two of them. My first was this No.1, which I purchased about four years ago. Unfortunately, my interest in wearing it has waned in the last year, and after failed attempts to find a suitable new leather strap in an attempt to recapture the desire to wear it, the penny dropped - what I needed was a NATO.

It's surprisingly dressy in light grey.

Back to the stripes.

For a very minimal outlay, the MeisterSinger love is back, and I learnt that even though a NATO strap might not seem, intuitively, to be a good option for a particular watch, it might just work. Prior to the purchase of these three, I only had one NATO, but I'm beginning to understand why some folks get addicted to which one should I get next?



kewpie said...

nice shots, AP! good light, nice and clean.... i do love the nato straps, although sometimes i find them fiddly cos they're so light that my sausage fingers struggle to get them into the buckle.... MS looks hot with the nato straps!

Anonymous said...

that blue and beige is HOT!
i wanna!!


The Sydney Tarts said...

Kewpie - thanks! The straps are definitely fiddly when you tuck it back under. I think I need more...

s - That one was the one I was originally going to buy, but somehow I walked out with three...

George said...

Nice looking straps there. I'm sporting my Seamaster on a solid red strap today and I think it'd also work well on the MeisterSinger.