Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Special Watch Night

Arriving at a special edition of Thursday's weekly 'Tarts' in honour of the visiting AndrewD, Purists Mod, there were already quite a few watches on the table. But what immediately caught my eye is something that wasn't set out to be a watch in the first place...

It was the "Luna-tik" equipped iPod Nano!

My eyes lit up when I saw it. Certainly, the photos did it no justice as it is a stunner in real life!

And now a few words from your sponsor...well no, it's just me now (AP) rather than onomatopia. Heh.

The pressure was on to bring something interesting or at least worthy of being with Andrew's Journes, which he had brought up from Melbourne for the occasion. I shall let the photos speak for themselves. We had an eclectic range, but then again, if you'd seen photos of our watches on this blog, you know that we cover quite a broad range of tastes, not all of which appeared on this night.

Panerai PAM 232. A recent acquisition, I believe.

This is the 5002 IWC Big Pilot, with the fish crown.

This Spaceview was utterly fascinating, with its calendar bracelet. I think it dates from 1969.

Vacheron Constantin jump hour. Calibre 1120.

With many of the Tarts Omega fanatics, this pie-pan Constellation was an extremely popular appearance on the night.

Ah the Journes.

These really need to be seen in the flesh to get an accurate idea of what they are like. They aren't as large as they may appear, and sit very comfortably on the wrist.

Limited Edition Seiko Spring Drive.

Yes, an Omega watch movement cufflink.

Bacco, at the QVB, our venue for this night.

This was a fun GTG, relocated for just this evening, and I hope that one day  (sooner rather than later) we will be able to catch up with Andrew over a proper meal, but of those of us who attended, it was a pleasure to finally meet him. 



initialjh said...

love that iPod Nano watch!!! looks great... and of course all the other watches fantastic as well! :)

Anonymous said...

i know eh? that lunatik add on makes the ipod nano a must buy!!!