Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brother Baba Budan

359 Little Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000
PH : +613 9606 0449

Brother Baba Budan, or BBB, is a small cafe that came highly recommended to me by Tweeps @felixosaurus and @nickorloff.

The cafe is partially hidden away in Little Bourke St. If you are not actively looking for it, you could easily walk past it. But even with such a discreet 'shop front', the cafe is constantly busy, with many people sitting around the communal table or at the bench, and certainly many caffeine addicts awaiting their take-aways. The interior decor is quite creative, with funky chairs hanging off the ceiling.

The service is warm, friendly and very comforting without the pretension or attitude that has crept into some well-known cafes...The ambient noise level was medium-loud, making this cafe a great place to enjoy that coffee while quickly flicking through the newspaper..

Now the coffee - the house blend. My choice is the espresso. That one shot will reveal the quality of the beans or the quality of the roasting, and I can report there's no disappointment here. The shot was perfect, smooth, great acidity and medium-bodied with that dash of crema, perfect.

Nothing like a perfect espresso to start off the day, and I can certainly recommend BBB. In fact, I enjoyed their coffee so much that I did a 3km round trip the next morning for another shot of the same.



Anonymous said...

Another great Melbourne venue ;-)

DY said...

I know you had the espresso but where is the photo?? the photo shows what looks like a cap and latte... what happened?? :)

initialjh said...

DY: no pretty latte art with espresso! :)