Thursday, December 9, 2010

EAT Deli Kitchen

Eat Deli Kitchen
Level 5
Westfield Sydney CBD
Pitt St Mall
Sydney NSW 2000

When the revitalised Westfields shopping precinct opened (the signage actually says “The Opening Begins”, which doesn’t make any sense), it was reported that there were queues of people waiting to be the first to enter and part with their cash. 

As well as those queueing to enter the new shopping mall, queues were also present, for the first day (and subsequent days in that first week or so) at some of the eateries within this new shopping centre, with people happily waiting for up to TWO HOURS for their food in this shiny new food court.

One of these new eateries is EAT Deli Kitchen, owned by Panerai wearing chef Michael Moore.  I haven’t managed to get a clear view of which Panerai it is (Luminor, bracelet), but I was there to try the Reuben (100kg of that salt beef was sold on day one of trading), for which I didn't have to wait for more than about five minutes.

The Reuben – Blackmores Wagyu Salt Beef served on Rye with Swiss Cheese, Dill Pickles, Sauerkraut, Mild Mustard Mayo ($13.50)

Why aren’t Reuben sandwiches more popular in Sydney? I mean seriously – why? Lauren Murdoch’s new restaurant Felix, which has just opened, also has it on the menu (and I can’t wait to try it); perhaps this is the start of a new trend?
Two visits, two Reubens – a decent amount of quality salt beef (but not too much to make the sandwich unwieldy to eat or  difficult to finish), enough sauerkraut (quite mild) and pickle to cover each mouthful.  It is fairly filling, but not overly so.  I’d order it again.

The same can’t be said for the other sandwich (or rather roll), I’ve tried, the ‘Picania’.

Picania – Pepper Crusted Beef Rump, Balsamic Onions ($12.50)
Shoestring Fries with Pink Salt and Rosemary ($2.50)

The description sounded so promising. The meat looked so promising.  It’s just that something got lost from there to the point of completion.

Most of the ‘something’ that got lost was the meat. 

The roll contained not only balsamic onions, but also mushrooms. This was fortunate, as it added both bulk and flavour to the filling, most of which seemed to consist of onions and mushrooms.  The amount of actual meat was somewhat meagre; I’d say that almost half of my bites didn’t contain any, and those mouthfuls that did, seemed so fleeting.  It’s a shame, as what meat I did taste I enjoyed, especially the pepper crusted bits.

The accompanying fries were good value at $2.50, but the taste of the rosemary was well, rather subtle.

Would I return to Eat Deli? I would for the Reuben, but not the Picania. As for trying the other four sandwich/ roll options, I’ll get back to you on that.


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kewpie said...

i am prob one of the last sydney siders to visit the new sydney CBD westfield. checked it out a couple of weekends ago after lunch... and found myself on the food level. was too full for anything substantial and thought i try charlie & Co's parmesan and truffle oil fries - turns out they forgot the parmesan on my fries... i only realised after reading a blogger's post on charlie & Co.

this reuben looks interesting! would certainly give it a go! well spotted too... the owner's Panerai!

The Sydney Tarts said...

@kewpie - I've had a burger and those parmesan & truffle fries but made the decision not to blog about it because of my disappointment with both.

kewpie said...

i am on the hunt for sydney's best burger. have heard good things about Dan Hong's Cheese Burger at Lotus. but they're only open for dinner. who eats a cheese burger for dinner?

Sam said...

"the opening begins" kinda make sense since a lot of shops are still in the process of "opening"... heheh...

plus it makes it sound like an ongoing "event"...

The Sydney Tarts said...

@kewpie - yes, have heard good things too. I don't mind a cheese burger for dinner, but maybe at a diner or something, not at a restaurant.

@Sam - well either the centre is open or not, it can't *begin* to open!

5pandas said...

nice post AP
can't wait to try a decent reuben. the memory of Katz' is still fresh in my mind

The Sydney Tarts said...

@5pandas - Thanks! Yes, this one and Lauren's at Felix as well.

initialjh said...

M and I recently ventured up there. I have to say, I could find better value and tasting food elsewhere than here. Or am I asking too much?

This makes the $20 lunchtime menu at Tastevin in Darlinghurst great value :)

The Sydney Tarts said...

@initialjh - Agree that there is better value elsewhere in general. What did you both have?