Sunday, December 5, 2010

Azuma Patisserie & Cafe

Azuma Patisserie & Cafe
Address: Shop 10.01
Level 10, 501 George St
Sydney, NSW 2000
Monday - Saturday: 12pm - 10pm
Sunday: 1pm - 8pm

An unexpected phone call, a brief GTG at Azuma, the first visit for one of us.

Was this photo tweeted by @initialjh?

Tableshot : the Rolex is self-explanatory. On the right is a LE Stowa B-Uhr Flieger.  

The two small tarts are Cheesecake and Matcha Green Tea Ganache Tart, at $2.50 each.  With cheesecake filling in the Japanese style, the first was probably my preferred one. The Green Tea tart, its texture of a slightly chewy consistency, had a sweet, strong green tea flavour but the taste was of a more ordinary quality green tea powder, lacking that component of green tea aroma that comes with good green tea.

Neither of us were expecting any particular taste from the second of the tarts, but we both found ourselves pausing a bit after the first mouthful to consider whether we liked it. We did, but I would probably choose another flavour on my next visit.  Also, we both thought that the pastry used for their tarts could have been improved by being more buttery.  The cakes eaten on the previous occasion were better.

Various types of Japanese teas and coffees (both hot and cold) are sold at Azuma, along with a more general beverage choice, and even green tea ice cream (in a cone).  You can also buy packets of tea leaves (seen in the background of the photo below).

At a bit after 6pm on a Wednesday, they were at about 85% capacity. There aren't that many cafe/ patisserie options in that area of the CBD at that time of the day with in-house made cakes; Azuma is a not a bad one to consider.

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H T said...

Should we defect from Bacio's ??

This seems a bit more cosmo .

The Sydney Tarts said...

HT - Worth considering, I think.