Saturday, October 24, 2009

nero restaurant/ cafe/ bar
15 Oxford St
Ph : (02) 9869 4686

One lunchtime I went for what was me, a bit out of my usual loop, to visit a friend in Epping. He'd already had a lunch location in mind, and Italian restaurant that he'd been meaning to try but simply never gotten around to doing.  My august arrival provided him with a reason.

Covering two floors, this cafe/ restaurant is a pleasant space, the upper level with large windows and thus a lot of natural lighting.

I decided to go for lasagne ($15.90). There were meat and vegetarian options. Naturally, I went for the meat.

As soon as it arrived I regretted my choice. In eating it, my regret was reinforced. The portion had obviously been pre-cut (I subsequently saw a tray of them in the front takeaway cabinet. Had I seen these in the first instance, there is no way I'd have ordered this) and reheated in a way which made the edges hard and chewy.  Tastewise it was really quite forgettable an experience. 

My friend went for the "Pasta Meal Deal" ($12.50).  This consisted of Garlic or Herb Bread and the. pasta of the day

He shared half of this with me. Half was enough.

This is called Penne Epping. It was described as being a "mix of pesto and bolognaise".  My friend is obviously more adventurous than I, as he was not deterred by this description.  I didn't try it so I cannot speak from personal experience, but his reponse was something on the lines of "very ordinary". 

This was the Parmesan that was offered with our meals.

Taking a table shot (Stowa LE B-Uhr on left, unknown model Seiko on right) made me feel better.

After this, we went across the road to Sweetness : the Patisserie, which was a far more successful food visit.

I know that my experience was a very average one indeed, but I do commend them on their friendly (if occasionally forgetful) service. They were fairly busy, so perhaps some dishes are better than others.


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