Monday, October 5, 2009

Shop 14, Level 7
MLC Centre
Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000

Date : Friday 2 Oct 2009

Fellow Twitterer @nickorloff hit Sydney for the weekend and naturally, a GTG was in order!

The location was Ambar, coincidentally also the choice of the Richemont crowd that night. Being made of sterner stuff, the Richemont-ers were outside on this slightly chilly night, whilst we were tucked inside, talking watches, food, travel, bikes, and the madness of the Paneristi :)

It wouldn't be a GTG without a table shot (another good reason for sitting inside).

Setting up the shot.......


At rear : Graham Chronofighter Oversize

Left to right : PAM111, PAM312, PAM183, Amvox1, IWC Portuguese, Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph, Vacheron Constantin Jump Hour, Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 40th Anniversary, Omega Speedmaster Mk3.5, Omega Speedmaster Mk2, Omega Ploprof, late 1930s Rolex.
Unknown to us, ambar had a resident "entertainer", as he called himself, though his business card indicated that he is also a "mentalist".
After engaging in a few card tricks/ sleights of hand, he proved his adaptability when we explained that we were watch enthusiasts by showing us a trick involving his watch, a Fossil "hybrid" and of which I took an incredibly bad photo.  He mentioned that his father has a TAG and that in fact he had an interest in "getting a watch", but that this was muted because of how "expensive" watches can be.

Well aware of what the average punter deems "expensive" for a watch, we asked him for his definition of "expensive" and discovered that he is keen on getting a Breitling!

The trick involved asking Nick to write down a time on a piece of paper :

After which he engaged in various movements and hand acrobatics.


He told us that he would change the time on his watch to within 5 minutes of the time that Nick had written down.

Engrossed in proceedings (and watching him carefully to discover the secret behind the magic trick), we forgot to take photos of the entire process.

Nick's choice of time was 7.52, chosen because that is the time shown in the Lange Zeitwerk promotional material :

You will have to take our word for it, in light of no photographic proof, that he was in fact within 5 minutes of this time!! Yes we were impressed.

Alas the evening was was too short, as Nick had to attend the opening of his friend Jeff Martin's exhibition,

Nick - we're sorry that only five of us could make it but it was a pleasure to meet you and we looking forward to seeing you again either in Sydney or in Melbourne! [AP]

In Addendum: 

The Fossil watch that the magician was wearing is what I call a "hybrid" in that it has both mechanical and quartz properties. The mechanical side of things drives the second hand while the actual time keeping is run on quartz. It's an interesting concept and can be yours for USD$100. This is probably the only time you'll see a Fossil watch here. But we don't discriminate, of course! Here's an image of the watch the magician was wearing:

The Fossil ME1007 Twist Casual


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