Saturday, June 20, 2009

Westpac Place
(Entry on Sussex Lane)
NSW 2000
Ph : (02) 9299 0888

Breakfast : 9 June 2009

After the experience at Tastevin three days earlier, I decided to head back to Taste on Sussex Lane to see if they still had Croque Monsieur on their menu. The link to their menu was not working (and as at today, it still isn’t) so I decided to take the punt.

It was probably the coldest morning in Sydney this year and perfect for a nice hot chocolate and a CM. Or so I thought.

To say that I was disappointed to see that it was no longer on their menu would be an understatement. “WHY?!?!?” I wanted to wail, “WHY?!?!?!” but then I realised that as it had been umm quite a while since I’d been there, I was hardly in a position to make any justifiable comments on menu changes LOL :)

I decided to have the French Toast with Banana, Ricotta and Kangaroo Island Honey ($12).

Made with taste’s own Raisin & Nut Loaf, the bread itself was really very good, but I wish that they had been a bit more generous with their serving size, and had two slices of bread instead of one. There was more than enough banana for two slices, and at $12, it was a little steep for what it was. Basically, it was let down by the rather meagre serving, and the fact that the bananas were so cold that I thought that they’d come straight out of the fridge.

Whilst waiting for my breakfast, I took some photos of the watch I was wearing that day, a Patria (about which I’ll blog about at a later date), with a new book that I had been given as a gift.



Anonymous said...

I love that watch, and the idea of a lovely desk like that with so many hidey holes!

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