Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ikea Homebush Bay
Entry via Rhodes Shopping Centre
Off Homebush Bay Drive
1 Oulton Avenue
NSW 2138
(02) 8002 0400

Okay so I was suggestible. After having repeatedly read about the Ikea Sydney foodbloggers evening repeatedly, and thinking that a trip to Ikea can never go astray, off I headed for some meatballs!

I hadn’t been to Ikea for a long time, in fact not since they moved to Homebush Bay, as for someone without a car, it just seemed an awful long way to go given that the chances were high that I’d depart with armfuls of stuff to heavy to lug back on the train. But for food? I’ll travel....

It’s actually very accessible by train, and had I know earlier, I’d have probably made it there a long time ago. Naturally, my first stop was the restaurant.

Traditional Swedish Meatballs - Served with gravy and lingonberry jam with a side of chips or a boiled potato. $6.95 for 10 meatballs

I have to confess that the meatballs weren’t as good as I had remembered them. They were okay and are a deadest bargain, but I wasn’t sufficiently moved to buy any to take home, nor to think about ordering the next time I’m there. I should have tried the cinnamon roll; I have a weakness for Swedish Cinnamon rolls and can still remember the taste of some truly memorable ones I had in Stockholm. Due to my appetite for a bargain, I also had one of the $1 hot dogs.....

After loading up with various bits and pieces for myself and ABC’s shop, I hit greater gastronomic success in the shop, where I purchased some moose shaped pasta for TM, some herring for myself, and some Elderflower cordial which was very more-ish.

Ikea is probably not a food destination for me but would I go back to get some of the cordial and buy some bits and pieces? Yes. [AP]

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