Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bambini Trust Cafe

Bambini Trust Cafe
St James Trust Building
185 Elizabeth St
Sydney NSW 2000

Meal : May 1, 2009

Bambini Trust is one of my all time favourite restaurants in Sydney. It is not trendy, its menu not adventurous, and it doesn’t seem to push any gastronomic boundaries, but for at its price point, and even if the price is disregarded, for me it’s one of the most consistently enjoyable places in which to have a meal.

Unfortunately, it is not within my means to go there as frequently as I would like to but if I go there, I have no doubt that I will enjoy the experience, from the warm and cosy interiors to the quality of the food and service.

On this particular occasion, I was taken there by ABC, with whom I have dined there a number of times before, and who knows that I am fond of it. Someone must not have told the Bambini customers that there’s a recession going on, as not only was it full, but we’d been asked if we could come 15mins later than our request, so that they might fit us in!

As is my wont, I’d done my usual menu obsessing routine before I got there, and pondering whether I could convince ABC into having the Italian Buffalo Mozzarella, Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Basil & Aged Balsamic.

Yay, I did!

The menu made a point of referring to the Buffalo Mozzarella as being “air freighted”, which probably explains the $22.50 price tag attached to it! Was it good? The portion of mozarella was more than enough for two and in a way I’d have preferred perhaps one more slice of tomato in order to balance it out a bit (one bite mozarella, one bite tomato etc) but that was my only real quibble.

Dining Companion decided to have the Roasted Barramundi ‘Salmoriglio’ with White Anchovy, Lemon & Herb Potato Puree ($34).

It had been one of my possible choices, so I tried a bit and enjoyed it as I did, I actually preferred my choice, the Confit of Duck with Frisee & Lardon Salad, Pommes Landaise & Truffle Jus ($34).

I know the whole “truffle” thing is considered by some to be a bit passe but in a way it barely registered in this dish for me personally. A friend of mine likes his duck skin to be crispy but as I am one of those folks who actually prefers not to eat the skin (not even pork crackling!), it is neither here nor there for me. The duck’s skin in this case wasn’t as crisp as some would probably prefer but for me, it isn’t as critcal in a duck confit.

By this point it was almost 3pm and the restaurant was still full, as were we, so there was no room for anything more than a coffee..... [AP]

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Sam said...

Ahh... Bambini...

Went there for brekky last friday... not bad at all! would definitely revisit...