Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ippudo Ramen Sydney Westfield

Ever since finding out that Ippudo was going to open up here in Sydney I was quite excited, since my experience at their Kyoto restaurant was really good. Of course, knowing that they're opening inside Westfield would mean elevated prices I was still hopeful. Thinking that if it's anything like their Kyoto counterpart it'll be worth it. 

So today I decided to visit them during my lunch break after hearing they were finally open. I had in my mind a price of $12 thinking that would be about reasonable. But er, I was close. Basic ramen (either white or red) sets you back $13. However if you want egg it'll cost you $15 and 4 slices of roast pork brings the damage up to $17. This was the one I went for. Again, still hopeful that it'll be just like the kyoto one. And these prices are the 'take away' prices. IE, you get your ramen in a bow, on a tray and you need to fend for yourself during the lunchtime rush at the Westfield food court.

Well, the taste was pretty close. You do get a delightful broth that's thick but not too thick. The flavour is just right and you get the thin, hard ramen that's perfect for the style. They're hard, but quite chewy. But the portion? Let's just say that your average Aussie would call that portion what entrees have for entree. Really? You want $17 for this? All I can say is that it was probably a bad idea to open up inside Westfield. I mean decor wise they've done a good job but it's not really a premium ramen place. I think they deserve to succeed, and I want them to succeed but they've definitely chose the wrong place to do it. Westfield- your excessive rent charges are ruining things for people...

Having said all that, the ramen is pretty darn good. I'd say go have a look see and taste if you have a company credit card for lunch. Take your clients. There are worse places to go.

As a comparison, one portion of the ramen in Kyoto is 850 yen, and if you add both egg and pork, that brings the total to 1150 yen. (These prices are for the 'red' ramen). You might say, well, that's pretty close to AUD ain't it? What's your beef? Well, count the number of slices of pork you get in Japan, plus the portion itself is twice the size of the one you get in Sydney. Plus some things ARE more expensive in Japan... Below images are from the Ippudo ramen in Kyoto

For my own hard earned money I still can't go past Gumshara - a Tarts favourite. They're still the best ramen deal in town.  So good we've done 4 posts on them...

And if you're not in the CBD, I'd try Zenya in Eastwood.

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