Friday, December 2, 2011

flour and stone : when baking meets horology

I've become a fan of flour and stone, and have visited them a few times since these two visits. One of the reasons behind one of these subsequent visits was to put in a special order - pocket watch gingerbread.

My only requests were black Roman numerals, white dial, blued hands, and 10:10. Nadine did some research online, and this is was the fabulous result.

A dozen of these travelled with me down to Melbourne, where they were given out to my watch friends at a GTG. Needless to say, they were a hit.

Many thanks to Nadine and the Cookie Couture/ flour and stone folks for some very cool gingerbread. 

Oh and yes, I did keep one or two for myself.


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kewpie said...

wow! limited edition! never to be repeated! haha..i mentioned it to ella, she was very impressed with these special edition watch-ginger breads! did they come with LUME? haha

initialjh said...

way cool :)

5pandas said...

where's mine??

The Sydney Tarts said...

@kewpie - I wonder whether anyone else will want a similar order now? Heh. Lume, now that's the next challenge...

@initialjh - and tasty, too.

@5pandas - I ate it.

Flying Watchmaker said...

Luminous tastes funny :-/ leave it nicely sugar coated (though I haven't eaten mine.. Not sure how late I can leave it and still be good...)

Thanks yet again Ap!