Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The making of a Panerai

The Science Channel's How it's Made program, which shows how everyday things are created, recently took a horological bent, with an engaging and educational look at how a watch (in this case a Panerai) is made. Even for those of us who are Panerai owners it was still really interesting, as I had never seen footage of many of these processes.

Take a look. It's fascinating, regardless of whether you're a watch person or not, to see each step and to find out how much of this particular creation is automated and how much is done by hand.

Part one -

Part two -

Now tell me how you can watch this and NOT immediately want to go out and buy a mechanical watch?



kewpie said...

i want a Casio G shock! haha... just kidding, no wait, actually, seriously... this was very insightful... the make it look so effortless. Panerais are sexy... i want....

Anonymous said...

didn't realise how much automation is used!!! I thought watchmakers sets the hands by... hand!

NickO said...

Makes it look easy .... Yes, it does make me want to buy another watch!

Ben said...

Ahhh panerai. Love the look of these watches. I wonder how many go missing from that factory lol!!