Thursday, July 14, 2011

Katzy's Food Factory

Katzy's Food Factory
Shop 2
113-115 Hall St
NSW 2026
Ph: (02) 9130 6755

Sometimes I go through a sandwich phase. It's as though I can't get enough of bread filled up with whatever I crave at that time. It had also been a little while since I'd eaten at Bondi, so it was off to the well-established Katzy's Food Factory to satisfy a bit more of the sandwich "need".

I was there for the "Hot Beef on Rye" ($16.95), which you can order with salad or chips.

There was an oddly endearing quality to the partially missing crust, and the rather large serving of chips were also somewhat appealingly varied in shape, though a little on the dry side, tastewise. This  sandwich comes with a generous serving of chopped up pickles, which you can see behind the pile of chips.

The hot beef was generous in quantity, the bread coated in a thin smear of Dijon mustard, and this was the sort of sandwich that is pure uncomplicated comfort food. Nothing elaborate about it, but I enjoyed it sufficiently that I went back a week later and had another one.

Meet the Jumbo Hotdog. Unfortunately, it was the least successful of the three items. The onions, tomato sauce and bun were fairly routine and alright, but the franks themselves were really not much to write home about, as they say, and I am unlikely to order this again.

In keeping with the Hot Beef Sandwich's approach, the fish burger was no frills (tomato, onion, lettuce). I liked the sesame bun, the fish was tender and not overcooked, the batter light and not oily. Just an all-round satisfying burger that didn't sit too heavily on the stomach, as some are wont to do.

Katzy's proudly says that it's Australia’s leading Glatt kosher café and deli. They not only have a dine-in cafe but sell frozen/ pre-cooked foods on the premises, and do corporate catering as well. Although quite a different style of establishment to the rather more trendy cafes etc nearby on Hall St, both in terms of its more traditional fare and its decor, it nonetheless seems to have its fans, and I will definitely return to try something else, perhaps the Beef Goulash.


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Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Good lookin' burgers, especially that fish one! Yum!

kewpie said...

the fish burger certainly looks interesting! one reason to go check it out... and the fries too!