Monday, November 1, 2010

Peter Speake-Marin 2010

How time flies. Just a year ago we'd been fortunate enough to meet Peter Speake-Marin, wondering whether he would even come to our shores again, only to receive an email from him about his impending return to Australia.

Our new friend RJW has already posted on Purists about the dinner at Buzo Trattoria (many thanks to Traci, Roddy and the Buzo team for their always amazing hospitality) so here are just some photos taken on the night.  Much has already been said about the horological star of the evening, the Thalassa, so we shall not repeat the plaudits it has garnered, but direct you to this wonderful interview of Peter by AndrewD in Melbourne as a must-read.

Tony, RJW, Peter.


Milan, Sam, Tony, RJW, Peter.

Johnson, Megan, San, Nicole, PeterT 
- and a toast to our friend JPVFX1, who shouted us all champagne, all the way from Ireland.

Peter Speake-Marin showing Tony & RJW some Thalassa photos on his computer.

Peter and Nicole Segundo (Swiss Prestige), who is now living in Sydney

I'm blaming the sheer shock to the system for no-one remembering to take a photo of it on the night, but the most unexpected watch of the night award goes to the inimitable Bani McSpedden, watch journalist extraordinaire, who was rocking two watches, one of which was this, the Casio G-Shock MAN BOX.

Don't laugh, this watch was sold out in a very short period of time, and is almost impossible to get now. After the initial colour shock, there's an almost wacked-out appeal to it. I suspect that even Peter himself wanted one, heh...As we were told, it was nominated as the ugliest watch ever, with one commentator calling it a woman repellent. 

This beast had a RRP of ¥19,000 (USD200) and if you want one, there's someone asking for US600 for one at the moment. 

This is part of Buzo's wine selection, but along with the vino is their house-made limoncello, modelled here (obviously not a photo from the evening) by the hostess with the mostest, Buzo's irrepressible Traci.

Thanks to Traci and the Buzo team for their hospitality, Peter Speake-Marin for another highly enjoyable evening in his company with his beautiful creations (we look forward to the 'complication' development you have lined up), and to everyone who managed to come along on the night.


initialjh said...

looks like a great night. I was expecting a lot wrist shots or watch shots, or even food shots!!!

but keep 'em coming

The Sydney Tarts said...

@initialjh : yes well, I think the mood lighting contributed to the lack of photos, it was too dark! And I think the food got eaten in a hurry, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Whats a great evening you had there. Venue looks fantastic!
Thanks to all involved in hosting the night - esp PSM from again visiting the Sydney Tarts! ;-)