Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Hardware Société

The Hardware Société
120 Hardware Lane
VIC 3000
Ph : (03) 9078 5992

During a brief visit to Melbourne, I was attempting to navigate my way through the city when I happened across the much-tweeted-about Hardware Société. As I had just finished lunch at Captains of Industry, I wasn't quite yet ready for more food, but its bright clean look, the curiosity about why it is such a popular café, the weight of a book in my bag, drew me in.

An above average iced chocolate (though I do wish that cafes would mix the chocolate syrup before it gets to me), and a cake whose name I can’t recall, but it was lemon with an inch of icing and with a good tartness despite the high level of sweetness, dense and filling. Not a cake for the faint of sugar-hearted. The strawberries helped balance the cake's richness.

A friendly and informal café with a daily selection of in-house baked goods situated in a quiet street, it’s a comfortable place in which to while away a bit of time. Would I visit again? Yes. Having looked at a few blogposts and reviews, I’d like to give their lunch menu a shot.


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