Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Found at local high school : one high-end wristwatch

Darien High School

I came across a random small piece in a small online local newspaper from a place called Darien. It stated (to quote) that a “high-end wristwatch” had been found on the morning of 17 September at Darien High School, and that it had been handed in to the local police. Capt. Fred Komm was quoted as saying that the watch was likely to be worth "thousands of dollars”, followed by a comment that if you believed the watch to be yours, you should contact the Darien Police Department on 203-662-5300 with a description of your missing timepiece. 

The reference to it being possibly worth “thousands of dollars”piqued my interest, so I decided to look up the town of Darien.

Darien is a town in Fairfield County Connecticut, with a population of 20,732. According to 2007 estimates, it has a median household income of $160,274, and a median family income of $195,905.

In 2009, the median income for the U.S. was $50,221.

The median home price in Darien is approximately $1 million, and the town is considered to be one of the most expensive places to live in North America.

Darien High, where this unidentified timepiece was found, is no struggling small town high school. In 2005, it got a brand spanking new $73 million campus.

Curious about what this “high-end wristwatch” worth “thousands of dollars” is? So am I, but I guess we’ll never find out.


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