Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Taste of Shanghai

Taste of Shanghai
Shop 9.07
Lower Ground Level
World Square
644 George St
Sydney NSW 2000

Ph: (02) 9261 8832

The appearance of a third branch in the Taste of Shanghai mini chain of restaurants at World Square in the latter part of last year, the other two being in Ashfield and Eastwood, was a welcome one.  I have been there a few times now, but have not been bothered to photograph what I've eaten, so you will just have to let your imagination run within the limited scope of riot that a suburban Sydney Shanghainese restaurant allows. 

This post is from a meal that I had at the beginning of this year.  They were three dishes which I'd not previously had at any Taste of Shanghai, and as they are not the ubiquitous Xiao Long Bao, Shallot Cakes or dumplings of whatever iteration, I decided to drag these photos out for an airing.

Flour tendon with Vegetables in Hotpot ($15.50)

This hot pot is on the more simple end of the vegetarian spectrum, but it was nonetheless quite a flavour filled mix of vegetables in a generous serving of almost broth like sauce, the flour tendons light and airy, but with a nice chewy consistency.

Eight Treasure Diced Pork in Mild Chilli Sauce ($8.80)

The "eight treasures" referred to in this dish is not unique to pork, as the "eight treasure" combination is also used for other meats, and often in medicinal soups. The number refers to the use of eight different ingredients to accompany the core ingredient, in this case, pork.  Unfortunately, I forgot to note down those that I could identify at the time, but I do recall wood ear fungus and gingko nuts.  The pork was tender and well cooked. 

Pork and Prawn in Bamboo Tube (aka Guilin Bamboo with Pork and Prawn)

This photo does not do the dish justice in terms of the generosity of this serving, as every last air pocket inside the bamboo shoot seemed to be filled to capacity with soft thin slices of fatty pork belly, prawns and asparagus.  I have subsequently eaten it a second time, but the first time had a slightly almost spicy kick that the second time didn't seem to have.

Taste of Shanghai is basically open all day.  The row of chairs outside is filled at nights; if you are not one for waiting for your dinner, I'd suggest that you get there early or late, as the chances are that you'll have to queue if you go at peak periods.  I'd also suggest avoiding Saturday nights unless you want to start your meal before 6pm.

This is a solid workhorse that follows a tried and true formula, but unless I was suffering from an particular need for Shanghainese food that could not otherwise be sated, I'd probably lope off to find another place if I came across a queue; there are plenty of other dining options nearby. 

This particular space seems to have been an unlucky one for restaurants; I can't even remember what came before the Korean 'omurice' and before that, Vietnamese, restaurants, but I wish Taste of Shanghai luck - they just might be the ones to make it work.

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I was here last night excellent cuisine!