Monday, August 3, 2009

T.T.’s Cafe

67 Albion St
Surry Hills
NSW 2010
Ph : (02) 9212 5882

My previous job was situated in Surry Hills. One of the places at which I’d occasionally have lunch was the most home style of home style cafes, T.T’s, on Albion St.

Since I left that job half a dozen years ago, I have not ventured much to T.T’s. Not for any particular reason, but a recent visit reminded me of why I liked it so much at the time and why I really should make the effort to go back more regularly. When I was greeted with recognition by the owner, I felt even more guilty about the long gaps between visits.

Operated by Janna and her family, this unpretentious and charming cafe with nothing over $10 serves organic produce in a small room that can only seat about 20.

The warm homemade bread is a mere $2.

Torn between trying something new or going back to something I used to eat, I find myself reverting back to the Crepes with Mushroom, Creamed Potato and Herbs ($7.50).

RR orders the Potato, Chicken and Spinach Pancake w Tomato & Onion Sauce with salad ($8), which turns out to be unlike what I expected, and so tasty that I regret not having ordered it myself.

On this visit, RR and I were astonished to find, as we left, that there was actually a queue outside at the lunchtime peak hour, making us even more grateful that we had decided to have an early lunch. It was as if the small place that we used to know, slightly daggy around the edges, had suddenly become trendy and popular without our having noticed it, though admittedly this was only our second visit there this year.

As we left, both of us agreed that we should revisit more frequently. It is hard to beat T.T.'s Cafe for home style comfort food that is value for money, especially in the Surry Hills area, and I am glad that they are doing well.



Betty said...

What a lovely cafe! The bread looks amazingly fluffy - I love grainy bread! Thanks for the review!

The Sydney Tarts said...

It's a very sweet place :)